Our Presenters

Our Presenters


Peter 'The Magician' Kazacos

Founder / Performer at Kaz Incursions

Peter has graduate degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, is a successful business owner and philanthropist, has mastered computers, engineering, the art of cooking and above all… MAGIC! Peter gives his time freely to help people in need of support. He is keen to provide positive relief, help children engage in learning, and encourage communities and families to come together as one. As a qualified magician, Peter delivers the Discover Magic educational program, specifically designed to teach kids Respect, Creativity, Confidence and Preparedness among other magical traits. With this internationally recognised course in his bag of tricks, Peter is helping to bring joy while building key life-skills in a future generation of adults… one magical trick at a time.

The breadth of experience coupled with rare skills has taken Daniel around the world. He’s performed in a wide variety of contexts, including half-time entertainer, corporate red-carpet launches, private functions, night clubs, cruise ships, international and national festivals, circus tents, and even worked on an ABC kids television show.

Having started performing at an early age Daniel has collaborated in making many shows for all ages including his own multi award winning children’s show.

Daniel is excited to join and collaborate with the team Kaz Incursions and Kaz Robotics to create engaging content driven programs and shows for children.

Daniel Gorski

Performer at Kaz Incursions