KAZ Circus

Kaz Circus

The big book of tricks

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The Show

Both comical and engaging the performance includes elements and skills that they will be trying and learning during the coming weeks.

With outcomes that include:

  • Learning to be an appreciative audience, listening skills, following simple instructions, answering simple questions, linguistics, strategic instructional comprehension.
  • Children are supervised safe, secure, and supported. Some audience participation required.

The Workshop

Each week includes a different element seen in the show-

  • magic,
  • juggling,
  • spinning plates,
  • hula hoops,
  • balance activities,
  • presentation and performance.

Every workshop includes relevant warm up games that are physically fun, inclusive, aim to increase gross motor skills, fine motor skills and critical thinking, self-confidence, creativity, concluding in a rehearsed performance by the children where they get a chance to share what they have learnt over the 8 weeks.


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