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KAZ Incursions is a company that produces and facilitates awe-inspiring incursions for children aged 2 to 12. Our shows are designed to entertain and educate children while imparting valuable life lessons. We believe that engaged children are active learners, which is why all of our shows are designed for maximum interactivity. Our goal is to have children giggling, clapping, asking questions, singing, and/or dancing throughout the show.

We offer a wide variety of shows, including magic, robotics, and indigenous workshops. Our shows range from one-off performances to multi-week learning programs for various age groups and ability levels. We can deliver KAZ Incursions during school hours, as an after-school program, or during holidays.

Our shows are designed to align with the Australian Primary Curriculum (as per ACARA) for years K-6, and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for younger pupils. This way, schools and childcare centres can be confident that several key boxes are being ticked off.

At KAZ Incursions, inclusivity is crucial, and we work closely with educators to ensure that all pupils can get the most out of their time with our presenters and learning materials.

What makes us different?

  • We begin by facilitating a personized approach to learning as every child’s learning curve is unique
  • We offer open-ended activities which engage and enhance team collaborations
  • We brainstorm ideas together and develop concepts which are valued
  • Our presenters are professional and have extensive experience in their chosen specialisation
  • We pride ourselves on creative classroom management
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What goes in the bin?

Designed for ages 2-6, this show teaches valuable lessons about recycling, rubbish sorting and environmental responsibility. Featuring the lovable robot Betty Bin, this show is a fun and engaging way to introduce young children to important concepts about sustainability.

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Indigenous Workshop Coming Soon

Kids experience indigenous culture and learn indigenous arts and crafts...